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In episode 2 of Culture: Awesome, “Cultural Building Blocks”, we discuss company values and how they are the DNA of how a company works. 

As well as sharing how we each came to define our company values, we also share some of the ways that they are alive within our company – one of which is in this skills/behaviour matrix, which we use in our appraisals:


What are cultural building blocks in a business?

In this second podcast episode of Culture: Awesome, hosts, Rebecca Lewis Smith, MD of Fountain and, Emily Groves, MD of Indigo Swan, discuss the importance of creating values, the cultural building blocks that matter, in business.

Sharing from their own experiences whilst leading values lead companies, in a world full of companies claiming to be values lead; hear how Rebecca and Emily came up with their own company values and the challenges they face finding ones that fit, inspire and create impact.

Cultural building blocks: values

[00:17] Rebecca and Emily introduce black box thinking and this first episode of Culture: Awesome.

[01:08] Emily asks Rebecca: what are values?

[03:41] How Emily arrived at values in her business, Indigo Swan.

[04:29] What Rebecca learned, from her previous company, about what not to do.

[05:22] Building a company that we want to turn up to each day.

[06:42] 2nd generation values: Emily talks about reviewing values in her organisation.

[07:45] Rebecca shares what happened when they rebranded 5 years ago.

Creating new values

[10:30] Emily invites Rebecca to share how Fountain have arrived at their current values.

[13:10] Rebecca shares her business’s current values.

[14:18] Are 5 values are too many to remember?

[15:46] Emily shares her journey arriving at Indigo Swan’s company values.

[17:30] Going beyond words and Emily’s love of innovation.

Values and recruitment

[20:00] Rebecca asks Emily how they use values in recruitment.

[21:34] Challenges around recruitment and finding the right people.

[24:42] What’s important to Emily around the recruitment process.

[26:37] Rebecca shares how they’ve improved their process.

[28:21] Emily asks Rebecca: how regularly do you do appraisals?

[30:36] What is the ‘Skill and Will’ matrix?

[32:15] Big challenges around feedback to help colleagues learn and grow.

Living culture

[33:55] Where to start embedding values in your own business.

[37:12] Ownership and the importance of having conversations within the business.

[38:47] Rebecca shares a short story around values and recruitment.

[40:46] What Emily looks for, above all else, when recruiting.

[41:30] Summarising and wrapping up this episode.