Hello! I’m Rebecca, co-founder and Managing Director of Fountain, mama to a cheeky little monkey, and now, podcaster about company culture.

As our business has grown from desk-in-the-corner-of-the-bedroom start-up to an internationally recognised digital agency with a team of 40, my role has evolved and changed, flipped and turned, grown, shrunk and then grown again. From the days when I worked directly with clients, writing copy and managing web projects – through a phase where I managed the company finances and HR – to now, where my main role is as champion and custodian of Fountain’s culture.

I’m passionate about innovative leadership as a way to shift the focus from top-down management to community-driven success. We’ve taken the crazy step of moving to a non-hierarchical management structure at Fountain – I’m lucky enough to work with a fantastic team, and I learn from them every day. 

I’m also passionate about maintaining a focus on wellbeing at work – one that embraces equality, family-life, supports people to reach their full potential and sees our team’s happiness as a core KPI.

I am thrilled beyond words to be starting this podcast with the wonderful Emily – I greatly appreciate her friendship and hugely respect her as a business leader.