In this episode we cover motivation – of both ourselves and our teams. Emily shares how Shonda Rhimes has helped her think about how she stays motivated, and Rebecca shares some of Daniel H. Pink’s theories about how people are motivated at work. We also somehow manage to quote both Lightening McQueen and Miley Cyrus – amidst conversations about how we think about motivation within our companies!

Here are links to the lovely books we discuss in this episode, in both hard-copy and audio format:

Show Notes: CA104 Unlocking Motivation

In the fourth podcast episode of this first series of Culture: Awesome, hosts, Rebecca Lewis Smith, MD of Fountain and, Emily Groves, MD of Indigo Swan, discuss how they unlock motivation in their businesses.

Hear how Rebecca and Emily collaborate and work with their teams and colleagues towards creating thriving business environments motivated by mastery, autonomy and purpose and a love for implementing what they learn.


Unlocking motivation

[00:18] Emily and Rebecca introduce this episode of Culture: Awesome.

[00:50] Emily shares her thoughts around the book, Year of Yes.

[02:02] Rebecca shares Drive by Dan Pink.

[02:46] Rediscovering her hum: Emily shares how she navigated a tough time in her life.

[04:45] Love, vulnerability and connection.

Purpose and belonging

[06:14] Rebecca talks about purpose and motivation 1.0 and 2.0.

[07:00] Issues around carrot and stick motivation. Motivation 3.0.

[07:44] Intrinsic motivation vs. external reward. Type ‘I’ people.

[10:26] Sense of achievement through endeavour.

[11:35] How the brain responds to cash bonuses and rewards.

[13:51] Rebecca reveals how Fountain have built a motivational bonus scheme.

Kindness and connection

[15:15] Celebrating kindness and compassion at Indigo Swan team meetings.

[16:51] Rebecca shares quotes from Drive. The social science behind motivation.

[18:19] Emily talks about a feeling of achievement beyond money.

[18:51] Rebecca shares a story about celebrating 10 years and early clients.

[20:10] Clear goals in careers and personal life.

[20:42] How Vistage helps Emily and Rebecca as MDs. 1-3-5 structure. Pete Wilkinson.

[23:13] Not having goals and aspirations and building career road-maps.

Exploring passions and having a burning purpose

[24:13] How Indigo Swan supported a colleague towards a new role outside of the organisation.

[26:00] Rebecca shares how Fountain have supported colleagues in the past.

[28:05] Focus on ownership, accountability and autonomy at Fountain.

[28:32] Having purpose.

[29:23] Emily and Rebecca discuss Gallop Q12.

[31:26] Rebecca talks about how Fountain are raising the standard of digital marketing.


[32:18] Emily asks Rebecca how she keeps herself motivated.

[33:30] Rebecca reveals what lights her up.

[34:40] Emily talks about how she is motivated.

[37:40] External consultants.

[39:36] The challenging stuff. Rebecca shares a Lightning McQueen quote.

[40:45] Emily shares a quote from a song.

[41:42] Rebecca and Emily wrap-up with a summary of what motivates them.

[45:34] Simon Sinek’s next book about the Infinite Game.